Our Services

More than 20 years of successful business and constant development made Alpha Osta a leader among Baltic bulk cargo transshipment facilities. It operates a state of the art terminal in the Free Port of Riga with modern equipment and deep-dredge berths which allow it to handle various types and sizes of ships from small coasters with 1500 mt capacity to Panamax-size bulk carriers with capacity up to 70,000 mt.

The location of the terminal gives Alpha Osta a unique advantage that none of its competitors in the region can provide. One look at the map is enough to see that the geographic position of the Free Port of Riga - right in the middle of the east Baltic region - provides the most efficient railway + sea cargo transportation solution for nearby exporting countries such as Russia and the CIS.

Conveyor loading

Modern system allows loading of many bulk cargo types with rate over 9,000 mt/day shinc.

Warehouse storage

We can accumulate and store abt 120,000 mt of bulk cargo in our 6 dome-type warehouses.

Railcars park

We may provide abt 200 our own and abt 400 more with our partners hopper-type railcars for our clients.

Extra service

We can provide logistics, forwarding, agency, lawyer and other related service.


The terminal owns access tracks of 15.5 km, that can be used for 400 railcars storage.


Quality department to monitor quality and quantity of cargo.

Temp control

The storage is equipped with temperature sensors. Insulation allows to keep +8 deg C temperature all year around.

Double weighting

Cargo loaded on ship is double weighted with both bunker and belt scales both with accuracy only 0.05%.

Deep berths

The terminal owns 5 piers of 565 m total length and max draft 14.0 m that allows to load panamax-type ships.

High speeds

The equipment allows to load ships with 5 conveyors with total rate of 1550 mt/hour. 2 railcars discharging stations can unload up to 200 railcars/day.

365/24 work

The terminal works 365 days 24 hours, including weekends or holidays. All ships are accepted on 'shinc' terms.


All the requirements of the local and EU regulations have been met, the company is cerified by ISO9001:2000 and other EU/international standards.